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200 follower giveaway

Ok, I’m giving away the steam keys (that is, I will gift you using humble bundle) to

  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  • Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light
  • Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.

What you have to do:

Well, I didn’t want a simple like this/reblog this to win thing so I’ve decided that the first 3 people to message me (fan mail or ask) the name of a fruit with 3 different vowels (not accepting orange), a flavour of pringles (not accepting Original) and a breed of cat will win one of the steam keys.

Couple of rules:

1. You must be one of my current 202 followers. If you follow me today and then enter I won’t be giving it to you. I want it to be a reward for my current followers.

2. You can win a maximum of 1 steam key per person

3. The person who sends the message the fastest gets to pick which of the three games they want. The next person gets the choice of two and the third person gets what’s left.

4. I won’t be too fussy on the breeds of cat

5. Not accepting Orange and Original as they were the first two that came into my head so I’m taking the easiest ones away :)


I will announce the results once I’ve got 3 winners and they have picked the games they want.

Best of luck! :)


Needed some readin’ music.

From the video description:

Published on Mar 17, 2013

The complete album for London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Best Video Game Music.

01 - Advent Rising - Muse - 00:00
02 - Legend of Zelda - Suite - 03:43
03 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Theme - 08:03
04 - Angry Birds - Main Theme - 11:39
05 - Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali - 14:56
06 - Super Mario Bros - Theme - 18:10
07 - Uncharted - Drake’s Fortune - Nate’s Theme - 22:23
08 - Grand Theft Auto IV - Soviet Connection - 24:15
09 - World of Warcraft - Seasons of War - 27:23
10 - Metal Gear Solid - Sons of Liberty Theme - 30:36
11 - Tetris Theme (Korobeiniki) - 34:34
12 - Battlefield 2 - Theme - 38:04
13 - Elder Scrolls - Oblivion - 42:44
14 - Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare - Main Menu Theme - 44:38
15 - Mass Effect - Suicide Mission - 46:55
16 - Splinter Cell - Conviction - 51:48
17 - Final Fantasy - Main Theme - 54:36
18 - Bioshock - The Ocean on His Shoulders - 57:20
19 - Halo 3 - One Final Effort - 59:40
20 - Fallout 3 - Theme - 1:03:44
21 - Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy - 1:06:07
22 - Dead Space - Welcome Aboard The U.S.G. Ishi (Bonus Track) - 1:09:56

All the music does not belong to me. The orchestra did the work for it. I recommend buying the album. They did a beautiful job. I did the whole album mix using Sony Vegas 9. This is my first work done on Sony Vegas.


Super Smash Boos - Lucina, Marth, Ike & Robin - [tag]

"I reviewed some historical battle texts, reliance on swords are both their greatest strength and their biggest weakness"

In the lead-up to the release of the new Super Smash Bros. games I am going to attempt making a Boo for every announced character.

There’s a lot to get through so reblog letting me know which character you’d like me to Boo next!

Be sure to click the tag to see what’s been done already too!

I made a thing because I have reached 200 followers! Woo!

Thank you to everyone who follows me and likes the stuff I post or reblog.

I’m going to have some sort of givaway for 1, 2 or maybe 3 of my current followers. I bought the Humble Square Enix bundle yesterday and I want to give away the steam codes for Hitman 2, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days.

I haven’t decided how I will do the giveaway yet. It won’t be a ‘reblog/like this’ to win kind of one I think. Maybe it will be but you have to be one of my first 200 followers to win.

I’ll think about it anyway :)

Thanks again to everyone! You’re all awesome!

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